Questions asked in the House

On 7 January, Sir Desmond Swayne MP (New Forest), Sir Christopher Chope MP (Christchurch), Sammy Wilson MP (East Antrim) and Karl Turner MP (Kingston Upon Hull East) asked questions in Parliament regarding motorhome VED.

Minister, Simon Clarke MP, recognised the concerns of the motorhome industry, saying VED ‘remains under review’, with any announcements for change to be made at the new Budget (11 March 2020). The Treasury Minister has also agreed to meet again with MPs and the NCC.

The NCC now has 55 key MPs supporting the campaign to get Treasury to rethink the tax hike introduced in September 2019. Supporters in the new Parliament include David Davis, Emma Hardy and Sir David Amess. Emma Hardy and David Davis are hosting a drop-in session on VED and motorhomes on 5 February and the NCC is actively encouraging all MPs to attend.

The NCC Director General, John Lally, says: “The NCC will continue to press the Chancellor to stop taxing new motorhomes and campervans as cars. These vehicles are not cars and should not be taxed as such. We urge the Chancellor to make this urgent amendment to the VED taxation bands in the forthcoming Budget process.”