NCC DG writes to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak MP

Extract from the NCC's letter to the Right Honorable Rishi Sunak MP saying it is time for change:

"I am now writing to you in your capacity as Chancellor, the person ultimately responsible for announcing any change to VED, to make such a change and take new generation motorhomes and campervans out of the graduated VED for cars and add them to the regime for vans in this your first Budget on 11 March.

"Simply put, since 1 September 2019, new motorhomes and campervans with the new generation, cleaner, greener Euro 6/D engine have been taxed as a car, something I am sure you would agree is simply not correct.

"The rate of VED for has moved from £265 per year to up to £2,135 (a 705% increase) by virtue of the introduction of the Worldwide Light vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) and the alignment of the vehicle excise duty payable on first registration with the Co2 emission figure on the final certificate of conformity. Worse still – the VED payable for the subsequent five years moves from £145 to £460.

"Motorhomes and campervans are not cars; they are derived from a commercial base vehicle – a van..."